Converting Advertisements and Engaging Organic Creatives.

We Propel Brands Forward with Authentic, High-Performance Creatives That Connect, Instill Trust, and Amplify Conversions.

Elisa crafted Advertisements and Sustained Organic Content for Over 70 Brands

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Case studies

From some of our winning projects


Over 65m Views with 8 Unique Creatives.

We Gained Over 65 Million Views for the SPACE Brand Using Only 8 Videos, Significantly Expanding their Reach and Boosting Sales, All Organically.

  • 20+ Creatives
  • 70m+ Total views
  • 10% Engagement rate

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RARE Beauty


Christmas Calendar

Florasis ASMR


$1k days to $10k days in Ad spend

We supercharged Stiles growth by increasing ad spend from $1K to $10K a day, resulting in high-performing ad campaigns that exceeded expectations

35% in Conversion Rate increase

Our winning creatives have increased Vitapod's CVR by 35%, and have been top performers in their ad account for far longer than expected.

  • CAC cut by 40%
  • CVR increased by 35%


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"We’ve struggled to find winning creatives for months prior to working with Elisa and through her work, she gave us more insights than we knew to do with. Her content helped provide the foundation to scale ad spend from $1.5k a day to $10k a day."

Andrew Inserra

Growth strategist at ACTIV

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I'm a lover of creativity, storytelling, and have a knack for making brands come alive through engaging and interactive content.

I pride myself on my ability to quickly grasp the essence of a brand and translate it into content that resonates with their target audience.

Real Results

Across multiple brand accounts

UGC Services

All the Types from which you can Combine

Organic Content

  • 1 UGC Video 150$
  • 3 UGC Videos 400$
  • 5 UGC Videos 700$
  • Script Read 150$

Paid Media

  • Spark Ad 150$
  • Additional Hook 50$
  • Additional CTA 50$

Mega Bundle


16 UGC Videos with:

  • 4 Hooks;
  • 2 Bodies;
  • 2 Call to Actions


In Addition You Can Also Add:

  • Usage Rights + 30%
  • Whitelisting + 30%
  • Exclusivity + 20%
  • AD Testing Sets*
  • Raw Footage*
  • UGC Photography*
  • Resizing
  • Amount of Hooks

Request Pricing by Email

Basic Package

Instgram, TikTok, Facebook

  • 2 IG /FB Reels Per Week
  • 3 IG /FB Photos p/wk
  • 7 IG /FB Stories p/wk
  • 5 TikToks p/wk
  • Custom hashtag Strategy
  • Mo Analytics Review
  • 90min of Mo Content planning
  • 10min Daily Engagement

Social Media MNGMT Packages

Monthly retainers available.

Instgram, TikTok, Facebook

  • 3 IG /FB Reels Per Week
  • 5 IG /FB Photos p/wk
  • 10 IG /FB Stories p/wk
  • 5 TikToks p/wk
  • 180min of Mo Content planning and Strategy Consultations
  • Custom hashtag Strategy
  • Mo Analytics Review
  • 20min Daily Engagement

Growth Package

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Super Package

Instgram, TikTok, Facebook

  • 7 IG /FB Reels Per Week
  • 10 IG /FB Photos p/wk
  • 20 IG /FB Stories p/wk
  • 10 TikToks p/wk
  • Respond to DM's + Comments
  • 180min of Mo Content planning and Strategy Consultations
  • Custom hashtag Strategy
  • Mo Analytics Review
  • 30min Daily Engagement


In Addition You Can Also Add:

  • Amount of Posts
  • Amount of Stories
  • Amount of Reels
  • Amount of TikToks

Request Pricing by Email

Types of Content

  • Video Aesthectics / ASMR
  • Unboxing
  • Product Demonstartion
  • Try-On
  • Informative / explanatory videos with voice over

Rates are available upon request

(* This includes research, script writing shooting content, full editing with text/ captions, content rights)

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​"Elisa helped cut my CAC by 40%, increased conversion rates by 35%, and got double the return of the other creative pieces we've been using."​

Ethan Norville

The Coronation Group

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